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What makes a Beer, the Beer that it is? Well, first of all, it is the Brewer. Every beer should be an expression of the Brewer’s personality. Each Brewer has an individual style and character; the Beer should be a natural extension of that character.

Well, that is where it starts on the spiritual side of brewing, but what about the basic physical side of the equation? Well it starts with the ingredients of course. Two of the most basic of ingredients of any brew are the Malts and the Hops.

With so many different Malts and Hops available for the Brewer to use, I found it hard for me to know where to start. I sat down one day (that lasted for almost a week) an decided that I would make myself a reference to put in my Brewing Book.

The information comes from many different sources; Brewing Wiki’s, manufacture’s web sites, retail web sites, and many other places. As much information is listed as I thought was relevant. The guides are by no means a complete listing but, they should still be helpful, or at least I hope they are.

Hop Guide

Malt and Grain Guide



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